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Learn to KICKFLIP by doing exercises in the video!

What is it?

Kickflip is a 360 barrel roll performed of the peak of the wave and thrown downstream direction. It is one of the most recognized downriver freestyle tricks which also correlates a lot with the air screw

Step by Step

  1. Build your speed up paddling towards the peak point with speed higher than the water.
  2. Once climbing the wave, initiate the double pump. The first elevation stroke should start at the highest point of your kicker wave and open your body along the stroke going slightly backward.
  3. Once you finish the first part of the double pump, push for the second part of the double pump on the peak of the wave.
  4. Kick your feet down and throw your secondary hand above your head, following it with the eyes.
  5. Catch the water on the other side of the boat as you would with back deck roll and come back up.

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