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Learn to FISHER KING by doing exercises in the video!

What is it?

Fisher King is an elevated kickflip performed parallel to the seam line and stuck in a hole. Also called a ‘wingover’. If the boat is elevated around 45 degrees then it usually gets scored as Entry 2 in ICF competition. It is a very fun move as it can be done in all kinds of boats ranging from freestyle, through creeking ending even at slalom boats.

Step by Step

  1. Prepare with your paddle at the upstream side and set your boat perpendicular to the flow or pointing slightly downstream.
  2. Initiate the double pump just above the foam pile. The highest elevation point of the bow should be reached when hit by white water.
  3. When hit by white water, go for a second part of the double pump.
  4. Once your bow is dropping, press hard on the leading blade rotating your shoulder and lean backwards as you bring your blade under your body. Swing your secondary hand in front of you above the water and catch the water on the other side of the boat.
  5. Once the boat has gone inverted and started coming down on the other side, switch blades to the secondary blade and either finish in a high brace on the active blade side or switch to pushing on the passive side with the secondary blade.

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