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Learn to CARTWHEEL by doing exercises in the video!

What is it?

At least two consecutive ends in the same rotational direction with both ends at a vertical angle between 45° and 100°. One of the better recognized tricks in freestyle kayaking, when done one after another, really shows the true skill of the paddler. Also, a gateway to all other wheeling tricks. Having “at least” at the start of the definition makes it a great way to interlink many moves as sometimes throwing multiple ends will help to keep balance and get more link bonus points on adjacent moves.

Step by Step

  1. Start at the basic position with your boat flat and point a few degrees (one o’clock or eleven o’clock) to the side you want to initiate.
  2. Begin double pump. Once your bow gets elevated, rotate your shoulders towards the surface and push your bow under the water.
  3. Once your tail is about to reach a vertical point, rotate your upper body aggressively look over the other shoulder trying to look back upstream again and sweep your secondary blade in front of you above the water.
  4. Looking through your shoulder along with the rotation, put the active side of the second blade in the water.
  5. Keep looking in a forward direction pulling on the blade. Move your legs above your body.
  6. If carrying on into more ends, reach through with the leading blade initially pulling but then turning into a push stroke to initiate the next bow end, or simply allow the boat to flatten off and use a support stroke to bring the boat back to a front surf.

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