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Learn to CATCH THE WAVE by doing exercises in the video!

What is it?

Ability to catch the feature to start surfing. There are two main ways of entering wave or hole. You either drop on it from upstream or ferry into it from the side. When dropping from the top, depending on the feature location and features around it, you will be focusing on minimizing downstream momentum either by paddling upstream, catching the waves as coming towards the desired playspot to slow the boat down or by aiming for slower moving water like boils or broken waves. If catching the wave from an eddy, you will be aiming to paddle into the trough of the wave while when catching the hole, you will be aiming to enter on the top of the foam pile. Despite this, way you enter will be similar.

Ways to Catch the Wave

  • Hitting the wave’s foam pile
  • Ferrying on the wave
  • Catching green wave
  • Droping into the hole forwards
  • Droping into the hole sideways

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