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Learn to BACK PAN AM by doing exercises in the video!

What is it?

Back Pan Am is an elevated aerial rotation at a vertical angle greater than 90°, clear of the foam pile at some point, where the freestyler rotates around the stern of the boat. This is an over-vertical back blunt where you literally need to throw yourself over the edge and under the boat with your body.

Step by Step

  1. Set up backward at the top of the wave.
  2. Go for a small hop into explosive rail drive all the way to the back of the leading edge.
  3. Throw your body around and over by throwing your leading hand above your head and pulling on your leading knee until you are upside down. Then aggressively throw your until you are upside down and then go backward into full shoulder rotation looking upstream through leading shoulder.
  4. Throw head backward trying to get it under the boat and into full shoulder rotation looking upstream.
  5. Plant a secondary blade on the water under the bow and pushing on it, kick your legs above your body.
  6. Land using a high brace with the leading blade.

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