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Learn to BLUNT by doing exercises in the video!

What is it?

180° horizontal angle rotation on green water at a vertical angle greater than 45°, clear of the foam pile at some point, where the paddler blunt rotates around the bow of the boat, landing in a backward position. Blunt is a similar movement to a roundhouse, with the boat more vertical. It is also among one of the most recognized moves.

Step by Step

  1. Set up on the top of the wave.
  2. Go for a rail drive.
  3. Push on the leading edge and rotate your body to the secondary side.
  4. Punch with your leading hand to the secondary side throwing your body over thesecondary edge.
  5. Place your blade at your hip and do a push with your secondary blade.
  6. Pressing on the blade, push your legs under the body.
  7. Upon landing, use the leading blade to recover with a backstroke.

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