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I have been in Mexico for just over half a week and it has been sick. I met up with the Adidas Sickline Team and Rafa Ortiz as our little mexican guide. We all flew into Cancun, took 4 different bus rides and 24 hours to get to Palenque. We have been based out of a cool jungle hotel called Panchan, and have been paddling the Agua Azul for the past 3 days. I have been to the Agua Azul once before, but I am stil amazed everytime I see the baby blue water.

Our last two days have been on the lower section which I haven´t been on before, and wow is it beautiful. Our first day we had a helicopter for filming and photos, though in the end we needed it for an evacuation. While scouting Sam and Thomas didn´t see a large rock in the landing of a 20 foot waterfall, and Thomas landed right on top of it. He was still able to walk but wasn´t sure if his back was broken or not, so we got him to the heli and took him to the hospital for some X-rays.

The rest of us continued on with more great waterfalls. Though when we got out to scout on the right our group met up with some of the Zapatistas rebels, wearing balaclavas and holding some machetes. Though we were slightly nervous, Matthew the French man was able to talk us out of the situation. We finished the day with a couple more gorgeous waterfalls, and some good news from Thomas with no broken back.

We went back again yesterday to do some more filming and fire up the first big 60 ft first decent at the top. After some scouting Sam and Matze were the only to to take on the big guy both with great lines. Rafa ended up running the second 60 footer also with a stylish line.

Now we are doing some filming at the ruins and one more day of the upper section before the much anticipated Santa Domingo.

Signing off some a very hot internet Cafe in Palenque.


photos will be coming soon…