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After paddling this boat for just a couple of months here are my initial thoughts from a 115 lb 5’3” female paddler.

  • Stays high and dry
  • Paddles unlike any other Jackson Kayak I have paddled, not only does the bow stay up but it wants to float you above the water where you sit in the kayak as well (feels like when you boof and you land, you land on a cloud!)
  • Just floats over holes which as a small paddler is not something I am used to. It is pretty awesome
  • Maneuvers well
  • Boofs well
  • Surfs really well for a creek boat
  • Super easy to roll

When am I going to grab the Z3 over other kayaks in my Jackson fleet?

  • On a new run that I am nervous about
  • Going to a creek that is near the top of my skill level
  • A creek that is known for some beefy holes
  • When the water is cold, it is a cold day, I am feeling a bit lazy and I don’t want my face splashed!

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