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Photo Courtesy of: Margareta Mudrikova

If you know how to boof but really want to learn to water boof, lean boof, and work toward those steezy ear dips, this video is for you. A lot of people have the misconception that an ear dip is just a roll above a drop or a boof, but in reality, it’s an accentuated lean boof. So what’s the secret? Well, it comes down to speed, angle, and lean… using your charging arc to create momentum toward the boil, lip, fold, or obstacle that you’re boofing.

As your momentum meets the opposing momentum from the water or obstacle on the lip, leaning away, forces your bow up because it has no where else to go. The tilted angle allows your paddle to reach the water when it might not otherwise, giving your boof stroke much more power, especially if you hold it a while. The rotation back upright, actually helps shed water and helps the boat break free more easily. If you take that lean boof a bit further, it becomes an ear dip, not just a roll above a drop. Check out the video to learn more!