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I know we’re all taught to “keep loose hips” but what does that even mean really? In truth, kayaking is full body engagement and the idea of “loose hips” is really just learning to separate your upper and lower body movement… The problem is, people have a misconception that “loose hips” means floppy hips. As you advance in the sport, you find out it’s really about edge control and core engagement and harnessing and managing power and momentum. This technique is not the end of the road for learning edge control and good stroke technique, but it sure is the beginning of the road to learning a finer control of your kayak. Many kayakers are scared of eddies, scared of long stretches of boily and swirling folds, but this technique can help you learn to float over them like a magic carpet ride.

This is a simple and easy-to-learn technique for effortlessly gliding over large boils, funny water, boil lines, and squirrelly rapids without edging deep, flipping, getting turned around, or being sent off line.