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Jackson Kayak Rockstar V Review

The Rockstar V is Jackson Kayak’s newest freestyle kayak out. This boat is by far the best freestyle boat I have ever paddled. It performs amazing on a wave, hole, flat water, and down river. Jackson has gone back and taken the best parts of previous boats and made it into a new boat with things like a slicier bow while keeping the same amount of volume in the knees the Rockstar 4.0 had. Here are a few things about the RSV:

1. Sizing/Specs:

The RSV is a little bit shorter than the Rockstar 4.0 and slightly narrower. One of the biggest differences between the 2 boats is the sliciness in the bow making it easier than ever to initiate ends on tricks and cartwheels while keeping the volume in the knees that the 4.0 had. The hull on the RSV along with the double rail makes this boat sit and plane higher than any boat yet making it fast and loose. I have always paddled small Rockstar’s in each model over the years. I chose to stay in the small RSV because it fits me well at 5’6/140 although I can also fit in the medium and move it around no problem, but I prefer the responsiveness I get with the small.

Jackson Kayak Rockstar V Review
Jackson Kayak Rockstar V Review

2. Performance:

The RSV performs amazing in flat water, waves, holes, and down river. In flat water, I can throw 15-20 cartwheel ends on both sides evenly where I couldn’t get that many offsides in the 4.0. Initiating phonics monkeys and split wheels feels easier than ever. The RSV makes any tricks/combo’s imaginable possible. On waves, it is fast making it easy to link tricks and make them super snappy. In holes, I can move the RSV around and put it exactly where I want it to be. My tricks easily flow one after another completing great rides. Down river it performs great getting massive macho moves and wave wheels.

Jackson Kayak Rockstar V Review

3. Comfort:

The RSV is the most comfortable boat to paddle. It comes with the classic sweet cheeks, a foam foot block which I use in every kayak I have, and the new Bees Knees thigh hooks to keep a nice secure fit in your boat so you aren’t moving around and have maximum control during your freestyle sessions.

If I had to sum up the Jackson Kayak Rockstar V in one word it would be: EASY. In 2 words: EASY and EPIC FUN…oops that’s 3 words. This is by far the most fun boat I have paddled and by far the easiest. Whether you are learning your first tricks or progressing your tricks in to the biggest yet… This is the boat for you!

Jackson Kayak Rockstar V Review

Check out the footage below of the RSV performance on flat water, waves (big and small), and hole features. Most footage is from Columbus, GA with the rest being in Richmond, VA:

Catch you on the river!