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For nearly three decades, I’ve taught rolling for private clients, universities, outfitters, clubs, organizations, events, camps, demos, paddle schools, companies, and on three continents from every background imaginable. Along the way, I’ve worked with physical therapists, sports scientists, exercise physiologists, and experts on learning, working on my instructional technique and pedagogy to maximize student safety and student learning in kayaking. So finally, after nearly twenty years on Team Jackson Kayak, I decided it was time to give back and put together a video for the instructors. This isn’t all inclusive, but I can guarantee that it is tried and true and full of dependable techniques and information. My goal with this one is to increase the effectiveness of instructors along with student learning and safety in kayaking.

If you’re just trying to learn how to roll, check out the Rolling Basics Video on the same channel, Send School. Thanks for watching and sharing. I’ll see you on the river.