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I picked up my new Flow medium a few days ago and was very excited to get it out on the river ASAP!

I have always liked a smaller boat for my size as I am around 210lbs 5’11” so I figured a medium would be perfect. It is. I am a bit over the top end but this boat paddles so well it’s crazy. I took the five minutes it takes to outfit a Jackson Kayak, left the seat in the middle and went to the Upper Yok with some friends from New England. We met up with local paddler Christina on a gorgeous Friday the 13th. Fall was in the air.

My favorite things about this boat is it’s smaller profile, shorter length, lighter weight, very very maneuverable in tight spots and a snappy, easy roll all combining into a confident river running/creeker with play ability that inspires. It also stays stable when you miss that line and have to punch through holes and bang off rocks, or a quick combat roll because at times everyone ends up there.

I love this boat and can’t wait to get in it again. It’s perfect and I love the Cotton Candy color. Hopefully you’ll try it soon!