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Rogue takes on the Mississippi

I love my Jackson Rogue. It’s the Swiss Army knife of boats. Since purchasing it in March, I’ve paddled whitewater in Arkansas, a 40,000 acre lake and most recently a stretch of the Mississippi River north of Memphis. It’s nimble in fast rivers and...

The Rogue Hits the Grand Canyon

I flew to Salt Lake City from Seattle and rode down to Lee’s Ferry with Nick and Ben.  We showed up the night before our launch, met everyone, packed our boats, and later tested out the fire pan, which worked great.  On the morning of launch day, Ranger Peggy gave us...

flat water to day white water tomorrow

I was able to tour jk as a member of the PIA. Was given a tour by EJ. Just the position that he had and his crew that was working was awesome. As for Marty he was just ok lol. No he was great to work with. So I was honored to paddle a Jackson kayak.