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Because our foam must fill the inside of the boat snuggly for the shortest paddlers in every model, average paddlers will have to trim the outer edge of the foam foot blocks down to fit before they can slide in and adjust the bulkhead.

Thankfully, this can be done quickly with just a knife and some know-how, right at the put in!

Here are my tips for making short work of this outfitting chore.. and getting the snug, confidence inspiring, stable platform you deserve from your Unishock Bulkhead.

For starters –

Trim a 45 degree angle off the bow-side .. leaving about 1” of full-thickness foam to start. This should allow a bit more travel, but maintain the full width of the foam so your toes can’t slide around the edge.

If this isn’t enough, cut another ‘onion peel’ off this shape, to reduce the circumference but maintain the 45 degree outside edge shape. Keep going 1/2” inch at a time until you’re set!

Now to make sure it doesn’t get stuck.. cut a triangle right thought the top of the foam – big enough that your fingers can slide through and putt the top of the foam back to release it. Over time the foam might shrink a bit, which is why I like the snug fit to start, but if you piton .. or someone tall paddles the boat.. your foam can get jammed down in there. You’ll want to avoid that if possible, but in a pinch you can just cut a bigger ‘V’ even with it in place and pull it out that way. Fresh foam footblocks are also available on the store of our website.. in case you forget to put your cord-lock back on or it pops out in a swim. Hope this helps! Ask me anything!