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Learn to T-RESCUE by doing exercises in the video!

What is it?

The first step to being able to get back upright is learning the T-rescue. The T-rescue is a way of righting yourself using another kayak (*or an obstacle!) by putting your hands on it for support and using your knees to flick the boat back to an upright position. Mastering the T-rescue first will not only help you feel more comfortable to practice the roll (since you won’t have to swim each time you fail) but the lessons learned around using the hips to generate power and leaving the head in until last are again the crux of an efficient eskimo roll.

Step by Step

  1. Take a good breath, flip over and smile!
  2. Tap the boat to let your friends know that you are upside down and wait for the rescue. It has to be loud! While doing this, keep moving your hands forwards and backwards along the sides of your boat to find the bow of the rescuing kayak as soon as it reaches you.
  3. Catch the bow of the rescuing boat with your closest hand and reach on top of the bow. Bring your other hand on top to meet your first hand. Use your hands and knees to set the boat perpendicular to the rescue boat.
  4. Using your hands on the rescue boat as a support, flick your knees and hips to right the boat. IMPORTANT: Keep your head in the water as you do this!
  5. Only once your boat is almost upright – do you start bringing up your body and finally your head.

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