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This summer I got to catch the Wilson river gorge at a sick level with a great crew for 3 laps on this classic creek run in North Carolina. Since leaving the Northeast I think this this run is my favorite .

The level was right around 7″ and I think I could have a ton of fun up to 12″ and down to 3″ although I know people run it way higher and way lower. I hope to go back ASAP.

The Gnarvana was definately the choice for the day for me. This creekboat is so good. Really stable, even when way over on it’s edge, really nimble but also holds a line too. This is not a creekboat you have to “get used to” or “figure out”. This creekboat is the boat you outfit at the put in, adjust the seat, bulkhead and hip shims and go shred.

A creekboat should inspire confidence to try new lines, new creeks or levels, not take time to learn the edges or how it paddles. I think a great creekboat should be easy to paddle whether on edge or sitting flat in easy whitewater or hard whitewater. I have paddled new designs from the early 90’s to now and I can say that obviously that they have come a long way DUH…..But when I jump in a new design and it’s not easy to paddle or fun or I watch friends struggle to get a boat through a rapid it is made to run easy I wonder WTH?

Anywho this Gnarvana leaves nothing to want IMO plus a small, medium and large for different size paddlers which is such a great addition to it’s likability. I am lucky to be able to paddle smaller or larger boats. I like 80 gallons for a creeker but it seems the industry moved to 90 gallons for a medium which is fine for me but the small Gnarvana I bet is a big deal for a smaller paddler and a great choice getting in a large for a big paddler. I am 215lbs more or less so I do like the medium but could also paddle a large and have paddled 100 gallon boats in the past like the Nirvana, Zen, Karma and Karma RG.

This Gnarvana is awesome in that it has great primary and secondary stability, steers around very easily, holds a line very well and rolls like butter. The knee position and outfitting make it very comfortable as it glides and skips and boofs over literally everything.

Gotta try it to find out!