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Learn to ELEVATOR TECHNIQUE by doing exercises in the video!

What is it?

‘Elevator’ Technique is slow and easy way of getting to the top of the foam pile. It involves moving out to the greener part of the wave (getting on the elevator), waiting until you have slowed and risen to the top of the wave then moving back into the main wave (getting off the elevator) at the top of the foam pile which is the starting point for initiating almost every trick.

Step by Step

  1. Start front surfing at the trough.
  2. Carve the boat to the side using the rudder and dropping the edge from the shoulders side.
  3. When the whole boat is out on the shoulder, wait until you feel getting elevated.
  4. Change rudder and edge to the Feature side, turning bow swiftly towards the wave.
  5. Move at the top with downstream stroke to come back to sticky bit and turn the boat back into front surf with a sweep stroke.
  6. Dropdown back to front surf.

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