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For all the small kayakers out there, this video is for you if you are interested in the Jackson Kayak Gnarvana. I take you through my likes and dislikes and discuss in detail everything I have learned in testing out this creek boat. Please feel free to skip around the video (chapters are listed below)

0:00 Intro
0:30 Top 3 Features
0:46 Least Favorite Features
1:20 Rivers tested on
1:37 In-depth top 3
2:56 In-depth least favorite features
4:05 Specs
4:50 Rolling
5:00 Outfitting
5:40 Ferries
6:17 Eddies
6:49 Surfing
7:16 Holes
7:36 Boofing
8:39 In WW
9:08 Speed
9:40 Final Thoughts