Dwayne Taff

Growing up in Houston, TX, I have always had an extreme passion for the outdoors, and have spent my entire life fishing. Whether it was my grandparent’s farm pond or Galveston Bay, I have always had a love for the sport. I started competing in local fishing tournaments about 20 years ago, but kayak fishing has become a way of life for me. I compete in local and national events just about year round all over the country. When I am not competing, usually I can be found paddling around Toledo Bend or Sam Rayburn. Over the years, I have had many great experiences, but my biggest accomplishment by far has been winning the 2018 KBF National Championship. 

 I consider myself a student of the game, continually trying to learn something new about the sport of fishing. I am constantly reading or watching anything I can that I believe can help me become a better angler. I also consider myself a power angler, moving quickly and throwing big baits.  My favorite technique is top water fishing, mainly throwing a frog into heavy cover. To me nothing compares to being in my kayak, quietly creeping into the backwaters where big boats cannot get, that sudden explosion of a big bass on my frog, and then watching her swim off after the battle is over.