Hannah Ray J

Name: Hannah Ray J
Hometown: Manchester, IA and Charles City, IA feels like a second home!
DOB 10/12/84
Favorite Boats: Rockstar Sm, 2 Fun, and Zen Sm
Favorite Place to Paddle: Charles City Whitewater park on the Cedar River IA Peshtigo River WI, Wolf River WI, Tellico River TN.
Crazy Fact About You: I spend about 20 hours per week caring for my border collie dog, Bella, who has an esophagus impairment (megaesophagus).
Why Hannah loves kayaking: I can relate kayaking to anything in my life. Facing a challenge or enjoying pure fun, it all ebbs and flows taking me to amazing places, building connections, and meeting the most interesting people along the way. Plus, kayaking is just hands down FUN!
Follow Me On: facebook.com/HannahRayJWWKayaker
Watch Videos of Me At: vimeo.com/hannahrayj