Anna Bruno

Name: Anna Bruno

Nickname: Bru

DOB: 08/17/85

Hometown: I grew up in Swarthmore, PA, but tend to move around a lot, but claim Beachburg, Ontario as home for the North American summer.

Favorite Place to Paddle: The Ottawa for its ease of access and remarkable play, the Kaitua, and of course, the Columbia river gorge.

Fun Fact:  I have traveled the world with a break down hoola hoop- it is the best way to start conversations with strangers!

Playboat: 2016 RockStar small

Creekboat: Small Karma

Why Anna Loves Kayaking: My favorite part of kayaking is the way it lets you be present and connect to the world around you. It narrows your sphere of vision and allows you to focus entirely on what you are doing; your next stroke, nothing more. No matter what, kayaking, whether it is creeking, playboating or flat water always makes me feel better!