Seth Ashworth

Name: Seth Ashworth
Age: Kind of personal don’t you think?!
Height: 5ft 11
Weight:What is this my profile? Seriously though I am not on there so if you want to find me you’ll have to be more creative. 
Hometown: Originally from London, Uk but now residing in Ottawa, Canada.
Favorite Kayaks: Nirvana M, Rockstar 4.0
Favorite Rivers: Ottawa, river, Canada, Valin River, Canada, Jalacingo river, Mexico, 
Favorite Beverage(s); Whitewater brewing company’s jacked rabbit espresso IPA and Coffee-->Americano. Black, because I like my coffee to taste like coffee. 
Why Seth Loves Kayaking: It is so awesome to go to so many new places, see epic places that are only accessible by kayak and most importantly meet amazing people from all over the world. 
Social Media;   Instagram: @seth_ashworth 
Twitter: @seth_ashworth 
Facebook: Seth Ashworth: Whitewater Kayaker
Podcast: Questions You Never Thought to Ask.  On ALL podcast apps.