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Name: Hayden Voorhees


DOB: 11/04/99


Nickname: The Slaying Mantis


Height: 6’


Weight: 145 lbs


Hometown: Meridian Idaho


Social Media: IG- @haydenvoorheeskayak    Facebook- Hayden M. Voorhees


Favorite River/Wave/Waterfall: Rio Claro is so amazing and unique I would easily run it every day for the rest of my life


Favorite Trick: Helix


Favorite Boat: Nirvana, Antix, Rockstar 4.0


Crazy Fact About You: I was on my high school bowling team


If Not Kayaking What Else Would You Be Doing?:  Probably something lame like not kayaking


Why Do You Love Kayaking? My favorite part about kayaking is that its different and it has taken me to so many dope places and I’ve me so many amazing people through kayaking


Accomplishments: 3 x USA freestyle team member (2x juniors & 1x pro mens)

2x elite racer at North Fork Championship

2017/18 Grom of the year

Nominated for Kayak Sesion 2018 Junior Paddler of the year

2 top 10 placements at Junior Freestyle World Championships

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