Stephen Wright

Name: Stephen Wright

DOB: It's a secret

Nickname: the Hobbit King

Height: not tall

Weight 150 lbs

Hometown: Rock Island, TN

Social Media: 

Facebook stephen.wright.370

Youtube: BoyJeenyus1/videos

Favorite River/Wave/Waterfall: White Nile, Dinkey Waterfalls, Ottawa, Gauley, New River Dries, 

Favorite Trick: Helix

Favorite Boat: JK Antix

Crazy Fact About You: I have two superpowers: the ability to grow facial hair at will, and the ability to make other people feel tall.  I'm doing both of them right now

If Not Kayaking What Else Would You Be Doing? crying

Why Do You Love Kayaking? kayaking is life.

Accomplishments: 6-time and USA National Freestyle Kayak Champion, 2 time bronze medalist World Championships, former ICF Freestyle World Champion for squirt, kayaks 250+ days a year, I built my own RV out of an old Hostess Deliver Van.