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Name: Mateo Kowalczyk

DOB: 05/20/2007

Height: 5’10’’

Weight: 165 lbs

Hometown: Boise, Idaho. United States

Home River: Payette River

Favorite Rivers Kayaked: North Fork Payette, Zambezi, Rio Quijos(Cheese House), Lower San Bernadino,

Favorite Kayak: Antix 2.0 / Gnarvana

Favorite Trick: Kickflip, Air Blunt

Accomplishments: Competed in The North Fork Championship 2022, CKS Rodeo 3rd place 2022, Freestyle World Cup 5th place Ambush, 7th Place Good Wave.

Fun Fact About Me: I was lucky enough to be able to spend one year traveling/kayaking around the world with World Class Kayak Academy. I kayaked on four different continents including North America, South America, Africa, and Europe. Some of my favorite rivers during my year include The Zambezi, Rio Quijos, Lower San Bernardino,  Rivière Valin, Ötztaler Ache (Wellerbrücke ), and The Ottawa River. World Class has taught me how to be a world paddler, but also how to paddle safe and make smart decisions.

Why Kayaking?:  I love whitewater kayaking for the feeling I get when stomping a big boof, cleaning a difficult rapid, learning new tricks, or just having a great time out on the water with my friends. Whitewater kayaking has given me the ability to travel to many places all around the world, meet new people, and embrace the community surrounding the kayaking scene. I have yet to find a sport more freeing!

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