Don Howdyshell

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Name: Don Howdyshell

Born: 1980 

Height: 5’9”

Hometown: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Favorite Rivers: Cuyahoga River, Tinkers Creek, New River Gorge, Upper Gauley

Favorite Boats: Rockstar (3 & 5), Antix 2.0

Favorite Tricks: Loops and all variations of Cartwheels/Splats/Squirts.


Reason I love kayaking: Paddling takes me to places I may not experience otherwise; deep gorges and river views only seen from the water. Every trip down a river, attaining, or flat water practice is different - there’s always a challenge presenting continuous improvement. 


Crazy fact about me: 

While in the US Marine Corps, I earned the Golden Shellback certificate, crossing the point where the Equator and 180* Meridian intersect, and being in all 4 hemispheres at the same time. 

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