Don Howdyshell

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Name: Don Howdyshell

Born: 1980

Height: 5’9”

Hometown: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Favorite Rivers: Cuyahoga River, Tinkers Creek, New River Gorge, Gauley, Youghiogheny.
Favorite Boats: Rockstar (3 & 5), Antix 2.0, Gnarvana
Favorite Tricks: Loops and all variations of Cartwheels/Splats/Tailies.

Why I Love kayaking:

Paddling takes me to places I may not experience otherwise; deep gorges and river views only seen from the water. Every trip down a river, attaining, or flat water practice is different - there’s always a challenge presenting continuous improvement.

My parents made sure I grew up loving nature and being outdoors. I live by the the philosophy they taught me; “leave things better than you found them”, which also sparked my passion for leading river cleanups. I strive to inspire, motivate, and empower others, encouraging them through kayaking to become advocates for our rivers and to pass on the torch of responsibility to future generations.

Some of my best memories on the water are watching paddlers evolve, and the energy and excitement shared from any new achievement. Whether it’s cleaning up trash, helping others, working on my own skills, or cheering on my peers for their successes, I want to leave the day grateful and better than I found it.

Crazy fact about me:

While in the US Marine Corps, I earned the rare Golden Shellback certificate, crossing the point where the Equator and 180* Meridian intersect, and being in all 4 hemispheres at the same time.

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