Name: Boyd Ruppelt
Age: 35
Years in the sport: 27
Height:: 58  
Weight: 155 lbs
Hometown:  Memphis, TN
Instagram:  boydruppelt

Favorite River/Wave/Waterfall:  Im in love with the Jocassee drainage and anything full of large slides and waterfalls.
Favorite Trick: I’m still a sucker for a really epic boof!
Favorite Boat: Nirvana
Crazy Fact About You:   I have a degree in Biology, raise exotic frogs, and brew my own beer.  A true OG, I joined Team JK in 2005!
If Not Kayaking What Else Would You Be Doing?  Skydiving, teaching, exploring, learning a new sport, or hitting the pub with friends
Why Do You Love Kayaking? 
For me, kayaking has always been the ultimate training ground for life. The tough times are like the rapids that keep coming in an uncharted first descent canyon.  They leave me scared, breathless, and sometimes chilled to my core, but the warm sunlight shines through reminding me that one day all I'll want to do, is do it all again.  Every accomplishment is like a smooth line run and every failure is an epic story I can share at the campground when our earth expedition here is done.  The river is my blood, and kayaking fills my soul.  The serenity, simplicity, and resolve I feel when I touch the water is something I can’t describe.  I live for the moments when I see the sunbeams shining through the trees and glinting off the spray as it rises from the next horizon line.