Pedro Oliva Criscuolo

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Name - Pedro Oliva Criscuolo

Nickname - Pedrinho

Birthday - 01/30/1982

Height - 8.5

Weight - 172

Hometown - Sao Jose dos Campos - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Favorite Boats - Karma and RockStar

Favorite Places to Paddle – Brazil: I think people forget that our rivers contain 1/6th of the world's flowing fresh water. 
Accomplishments – Represented Brazil in the World freestyle championships on the Otawa in 2007. World Record in 2009 for the highest waterfall on 128 foot Salto Belo.  Recognized as an Adventurer of the year by Outside Magazine in Brazil in 2009.  I have made first descents on 6 continents through more than 20 countries. I am the face of the program a syndicated TV program called Kaiak in Brazil along with Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic that has popularized and mostly introduced the sport to the Brazilian people.  But best of all I have done this while raising my now 11 year old son Kaike and my 2 year old daughter Petra:) 
Why do  you love kayaking? The possibility of flowing with the these fascinating river currents between huge canyon walls is one of the sensations that I crave most in life! But also I feel a real connection to waterfalls... especially big ones.  I'm not exactly sure what it is, but it is something that I currently researching more with the Brazilian climate agency in terms of how waterfalls actually affect our world. 

Something crazy about you? I was the Sao Paolo state champion in Gymnastics in High school. 

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