Erik Boomer

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Name: Erik Boomer

Age: 31

Hometown: White Salmon, WA

Why Boomer loves Kayaking:  I love everything about paddling,  At 10 years old, I saved up my lawn mowing money to buy an old Dancer, from that point on my parents couldn't keep me out of my kayak. 


National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2012
Rider of the year Photographer of the year. 2011

Red Bull Illume. Finalist.  2010

ACTIVE TIMES 50 BEST endurance athletes #29

New York Times Sports Section Cover
Outside Magazine

Paddling Films:


Expedition Q





The Nomad

Playboat of Choice: Large Rockstar, I love cross training in a playboat and turning rivers into a playground.  The rockstar is fun in the flats, rips in the holes and carves waves up.

Creeker of Choice: The large Zen has got your back, predictable, stable but still super fast allows me to catch the most air off boofs I eve have, catch eddies i would have missed and carries speed through everything!

Crazy Fact about Boomer:  Dog sledded 120 days on an expedition around Baffin Island with his girlfriend Sarah McNair-Landry in 2015.

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