Mariusz Blum

I was born in 1971 in northern Poland. In the region of the Great Mazury Lakes, called the "land of a thousand lakes". In fact, there are many more... We have three biggest lakes in Poland and much, much smaller. Fishing in the 70's was our only entertainment. We not called it yet hobby. I currently live in northern Poland as well, at the seaside in Gdansk. My home fishing place is closed part of river Vistula. We call this place "death Vistula". It looks like a long, closed at one end  channel. It has a connection with the sea water. This is excellent place for perch, walleye and pike fishing. Often in good weather I'm going to the Gulf of Gdansk. We also have next to Gdansk perfectly trolling lake, called Żarnowiec. Trolling for pike from kayak is so exciting! Gdańsk has a great connection by ferry to Sweden, so we visit often skerry of Karlskrona. I can help anyone who wants to visit northern Poland. I speak English, German and Russian.