James Snyder

Growing up in Northern California I have been fishing since i was in diapers. learning to fish from the shores of eagle lake with my grandfather and family. growing up all I ever wanted to do was fish, it got on my parents nerve more often then not. Having parents that preferred to stay at home on the couch I had to blaze my own trail and kayak fishing was my ticket into the outdoors and fishing once again. I started out kayak fishing back in 2012 in a cheap Costco kayak and progressed through the line ups multiple times. During the course of kayak fishing I grew to love the excitement of tournament fishing. When our local trail decided to stop having events,  with the help of a very close group of friends we developed Yak-A-Bass which has blossomed into the largest kayaking community and tournament series on the west coast. During this evolution of my life I found KBF and knew from that point on I was headed in the right direction with my vision of a better kayaking community. I now work closely with KBF as the western Regional Tournament Director and as one of a handful of highly trained Judges in charge of month long and in person events as well as the KBF National Championship. I look forward to many years of fishing from my Jackson Kayaks and helping to grow the community out on the west coast.