Marlene Devillez

Marlene Devillez:
3 times European champion
10 times french champion
I started paddling when i was 6 years old on the local rivers in eastern France. I didn't know yet that i was on one of the best areas to kayak in France: lot of creeking, the infamous Malate wave…
I started with paddling slalom to a high level, then i changed style. i didn't find the good friendly atmosphere that i was searching for, so i started freestyle and i loved it!
Then i started traveling for it and it only got better: all over Europe, North America, so much different places, people and rivers! Today i switch for Jackson and it's a new start, now i know that the adventure only started!
My best memories:
A night sleeping under the stars in Glenwood, Colorado
My third European title in 2014
Why change for Jackson Kayak:
Be part of the dream team, and benefit from every body's amazing performance and inspirations.
Always have the best boats for creeking and freestyle.
Jackson Kayak is always improving, always moving forward, it feels good to be part of this group of passion driven people who never get tired of kayaking!
Mat Dumoulin, team leader in Europe:
"I'm really happy to have Marlene aboard. Beside being an amazing kayaker, the most titled female paddler in Europe, she has a great personnality: always bringing to the group, never hides her emotion, a very honest person that you want to keep as a kayak mate and a friend.
She does a lot to get more girls into the sport. and that's very important. She helps us to grow the sport and the love of rivers and kayaking! Welcome Marlene!"
Marlene will be paddling the small Rock Star in the competition version and the plastic version. She says being able to have both versions of the same boat is unique and give a big advantage to the brand. You can have your plastic to go have fun and don't matter about how shallow it is, and putting in where ever you need to, and have your carbon boat to become world champion.
She says having such a sick pink color was a big thing too in here decision ;)
Marlene will be at the world championships next year and you'll see her on a lot of rivers. She'll be organizing trainings for girls only, where you can get to learn more tricks or just start freestyle. She'll make sure you'll have a ton of fun too!
Contact her if you want to be part of it!
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