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Name: Dave Crerar    

Age: 28

Height: 5” 10 & 7/16ths, basically six foot ;)

Weight: 200lbs

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

Favorite Boats: The Zen 110%

Favorite Rivers: Well this is a loaded question really, the Zambezi holds a place in my heart, the Kicking Horse river in Golden, BC for big spring water and the Cameron in Waterton National Park, BC

Crazy Fact about Dave: I came to Canada from Ireland when I was 19 to do a semester of school, ended up getting a job on the Ottawa, and now I am on my way to getting Canadian citizenship. Life is full of crazy twists and turns….

Why Dave Loves Kayaking: it’s the staple answer I am sure, originally kayaking gave me an avenue with which to travel, then it provided a sense of purpose, drive to be better, accomplish more, now it makes my day exponentially more enjoyable, I love the hyperventilation at the end of a race, the feeling of your stomach in your throat when free falling, or the slam of a big airscrew as the boat touches down. Kayaking is just sick, end of story!

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View all of daveyc87@gmail.com posts