Clay Wright

Name: Clay Wright

DOB:  Saint Patricks Day, Summer of Love

Nickname:  Romulus

Height: 5’9''

Weight 172lbs

Hometown:  Rock Island, TN

Social Media:,

Favorite River/Wave/Waterfall:   River - Gauley, Wave: High Tension / Garb / Trailer Park,  Waterfall:   Middle Palguin

Favorite Trick:  Wave Monkey

Favorite Boat: JK Antix and Z3

Crazy Fact About You:  My Great Uncle invented Goo Goo Cluster candy,  got my first roll in 1974, my folks ran Grand Canyon and Gauley in a tandem canoe.

If not kayaking..   swimming, surfing, driving around in an RV

Why Do you love Kayaking?   It’s athletic, it’s creative, and you’re riding a surface that’s alive and flowing .. so it’s teamwork instead of a battle.

Kayaking Videos/Promos

Accomplishments -  4x and current ICF Squirt kayak World Champion, Coach and Athlete - World Champion USA Freestyle Team 2019, Invented the Loop, First ever Green Race winner,  1st Descents in 7 states and 5 countries
JK Regional Team Manager / R n D