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My name is Del Patton. I’m currently on active duty in the U.S. Army with 18 years of service.

I got my first fishing pole from my granddaddy on my first birthday and learned how to fish with him at Lake Texoma on the Oklahoma side. The joy and passion for fishing grew as I did until I was going out on the lake by myself at 16 to catch stripped, white, and large mouth bass.

Life and family reduced my time for fishing to the point it was almost 25 years before I would pick back up the rods and reels I had purchased in high school. That was a result of my family wanting to buy kayaks. They didn’t want just any kayak, they wanted the best. That led us to Jackson Kayak.

My first time out, unsure of this new hobby, I remembered the peace and joy but at a whole new level being close to the water. What started as once a month grew to at least once a week through the Oklahoma winter. With a new Jackson Coosa HD, I quickly caught back to back personal best large mouth bass in the dead of winter and was officially hooked on kayak fishing.

Kayak fishing has renewed a love of the outdoors and adventure on the water. The friendships that have resulted over the past year, will be life long. My goal as a Jackson representative is to get more people out on the water and support the local dealer network.

If I’m not attending a sports event in Norman, OK you can find me in my Jackson Coosa HD on a lake in SW Oklahoma or the Wichita Wildlife Refuge.

Recent Posts