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My name is Rudy Yarworth, Kayak Angler and Chapter Coordinator/Guide @ Heroes on the Water - Tangier Sound.  A Marine Corps Veteran and Maryland native I spent my whole life in, on or around the water.  I began fishing at a very young age and it quickly became my passion and way to lose myself in nature.   Growing up around the Chesapeake Bay there were so many different fisheries and I challenged myself to fish them all.

It was in 2013 after watching a kayak fishing show on TV, pretty sure it was Jim Sammons, when I decided I needed to get into a fishing kayak and out of my canoe.  After a little research there was one brand that stood out to me.  A small American-made family business with roots in Maryland that was designing kayaks specifically for fishing.  So early in 2014 I picked up my first kayak, a Jackson Big Tuna, which today still is an amazing boat that allowed me to float the river, paddle the lakes, fish the back coastal bays and even take my kids along with me. I knew that first trip on the water with the Tuna that I made the right decision to begin my kayak angling journey in a Jackson Kayak.

Funny story, the following year I finally convinced my wife she needed a kayak too and I headed down to Valley Mills Kayak shop to check out a sweet Coosa YakAttack Angler edition for her 😉.  To my surprise, sitting there in this whitewater paddle shop, I saw a Jackson Kraken 15.5 and immediately began wondering how I was going to convince my wife we needed two more boats.  She eventually did give in and both kayaks came home with me that day.  Later on my wife told me she was jealous of my Kraken love affair and that I spend too much time on my kayaks. She was going to get a puppy and name it Jackson.

In 2017 we found our way down from the mountains to sea level living in a small waterman’s village on the Tangier Sound, with our new Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Jaxon.  I am honored to join the Jackson Kayak family and Jackson Kayaks Regional Fishing team representing a brand that has been part of my life and family for over a decade.  Looking forward to sharing all the adventures and fish stories yet to come.

Keep chasing those sunsets.

Live, Love, & Kayak Fish!





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