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I’m Trevor Thomson, Alan is my middle name, but call me whatever works for you. I’m easy to please.

Born and raised in Sherwood Park, AB, and it is where I currently reside. I am a Machinist by trade, and now self-employed as a sub-contract CNC Machinist.

Coming up on my 3rd full year of Kayaking, kayak fishing in particular. I got exclusively into kayaking all because I wanted to continue to get out on the water with my Chocolate Lab, but ditch my car-topper aluminum fishing boat. I was fortunate enough to find my first boat, Jackson Big Tuna, the rest has become some of the best memories of my life.

I have always been an avid angler, but Kayak Fishing has brought a whole new aspect of enjoyment and challenge to the equation. I am super passionate about it, and do everything I can to spread the word of kayak angling in general to all walks of life I meet! For me, Jackson Kayaks have been my go to since day one, currently we have 5 in our fleet! Big Tuna, Cruise 12 Angler, Cruise 12, Bite Angler, Cruise FD…….more room to add I think!

I have just recently been added to a local retail shop as an Ambassador for Kayak Fishing, Aquabatics out of Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. I’m super stoked and honoured to be given this acknowledgement and really looking forward to everything this year is going to bring us, it’s going to be a challenge for sure. Along with this amazing opportunity to become a Aquabatics Ambassador, I have also been given the reigns at running a Kayak Fishing derby this year as well. It will be my first ever, and 3rd stop on the WCKFT (Western Canada Kayak Fishing Trail) this year out of 11!

Recent Posts