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Age: 16
From: Germany
Why I love to paddle?

I love paddling because it gives me the opportunity to enjoy nature to the fullest and to explore new rivers and playspots no matter if I'm paddling alone or with friends. This year I became the German national freestyle champion in the junior class. At the european championships in Bratislava, I represented Germany as a member of the national team.

My next goals?

My next goals are to take part in the adidas sickline race and to have a strong finish in the 2015 World's in Canada. Furthermore I want to dominate the national championships in Germany aswell as the Eurocups.

Where I train?

I am on Tour five months per year, traveling from an kayak event to another. This year I visited a lot of countries and met a lot of awesome paddlers who really helped me to improve my paddling skills. When I'm at home I'm doing daily after school sessions at our brand new, handmade homespot. But my favourite spot is the hole in metz where I can do some big tricks and nice combos.
I want to say thank you to my father, he introduced me to kayaking and he is coming to every competition to support me. I'm alsi very thankfull for my kayak club. They gave me a lot of opportunities early in my career. I want to thanks jackson kajak for support me and welcome me in the team and the cancanshop for a lot of opportunities. also i want to thanks helmut wolff (HeWo) he is my trainer and brought me to freestyle kayaking.
My video recap for 2014:

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