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Name: Bartosz Czauderna
Nickname: Bartosz / Bart : )
DOB: 26 July, 1991
Hometown: Cracow, Poland
Favorite Place to Paddle: White Nile (Uganda), Salza (Austria) aaaand well, anything that flows and I can share time with friends on the water !

I place - Multiple Polish Champion K1M
III place - Bronze Medalist from European Championships K1SM
III place - Bronze Medalist from World Cups  K1SM

V place - World Championships K1SM
VIII place - World Championships K1M
Expeditions to rivers all around the world!

Boats of my choice:
-JK Rockstar M for pure freestyle
- Antix <3 M for EVERYTHING
- Nirvana for racing and big creeking
Kayaking is not only a sport for me. It is a way of living. It has made me who I am - taught me the value of a smile, connection to the nature, let me meet so many amazing friends all around the world in places I wouldn't ever be able to visit otherwise. Thank you for everybody who shared that passion with me, now I hope to share it with others!


Something crazy about you: I love Cookiez. And Cows


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