Eli Geisenberger

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Name: Eli Geisenberger

DOB:  May 2, 1994

Height: 5’ 7”

Weight: 165lbs

Hometown:  Lancaster, Pa

Social Media:

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/eli.geisenberger2012

Instagram- https://instagram.com/mtman2012

YouTube- https://youtube.com/@mtstreaksboy12

Favorite River/Wave:

River: Gauley

Wave: New River Dries Puttin Waves, Garburator, Southern Fried Stakeout

Favorite Trick:  Air Screw

Favorite Boats: JK Antix 2.0, JK Rockstar V, PS Composites KOR (squirtboat)


If not kayaking I am… Climbing, Skiing, Snowboarding, traveling, thinking about kayaking, driving to go kayaking

Why Do you love Kayaking?   Kayaking is a way to express yourself. When you’re on the water you can be one with the river and go where the river takes you. It’s also a place to get out of your head and leave your worries behind.

Accomplishments -

ACA River Kayaking instructor

All Out Adventures LLC Founder

River Gear Repair Gasket Servicer

Potomac Paddlesports River Manager

Eagle Scout

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