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Name: Alexandra Horne

DOB: 10/01/91

Height: 5’8

Hometown:  Gorham, NH

Social media: Instagram: Eyekayak, Facebook: Alex Lee

Playboat: 2014 small Rockstar / 2020 small Rockstar 4.0 / small Antix 2.0

Creekboat: Medium Nirvana / small Z3

Kayaking Background: I started kayaking in Maine five years ago, after being a whitewater raft guide for
five years. I took my passion for ww kayaking from Maine to WV in 2020, to allow myself to further
progress within the sport. WV has it all – class V creeks, big wave surfing and awesome downriver play
rivers. Locally I’m known as a playboater that loves surfing the new river dries and doing downriver
freestyle on the Gauley and New Rivers, but I’ve also been increasing my time in a creek boat since
moving to WV. I’ve enjoyed pushing myself in this aspect of the sport, paddling Glade Creek, The Russell
Fork, Lower Meadow, as well as other local creeks.

Community involvement: I love organizing whitewater events and, along with a good friend, organize
two of New England’s biggest whitewater races: The Maine Whitewater Championship
( These races bring together paddlers from all over New England to
two of Maine’s best rivers, the Kennebec and Penobscot.
I also love racing, myself. This year I will race in the Top Yough race, Upper Yough race, the
Maine Whitewater Championship races, The Animal Race (Upper Gauley) and Russell Fork Race. I aspire
to compete as freestyle boater in the future and love to learn and work on freestyle tricks.
I’m also passionate about empowering women (in all aspects of life) and increasing female participation
in our sport. This year I’ll be holding women’s skill development sessions in Fayetteville, WV to help
women gain the skills they need to gain confidence and to progress within the sport.

Random facts: My “day job” is staring deep into people’s eyes, as an optometrist. I have an amazing dog
named Talise (meaning beautiful water) who was born blind and deaf. I’ve been a vegan for over half my
life and have been known to eat chickpeas straight from the can. I’m one of those weird morning people
that can’t wait to get the day started, but crashes at 8pm.

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