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Hello everyone!
My name is Jason Ricketts and I live in Cincinnati Ohio. Professionally, I am a Loan Consultant for Huntington bank. Outside of my career I am Father, Husband and Avid Kayak Angler/Outdoorsman. 

My Jackson Kayak journey began in 2015 when I bought a Jackson Kayak Big Rig from my local retailer, Loveland Canoe and Kayak. I absolutely loved that kayak! I went back to the shop and ended up buying a custom colored Tripper 12 that I used to take friends and family out on. Over the years I have fished out of the Kilroy, Kilroy Dt, Big Tuna, Tripper 12, Big Rig, Liska, Cruise and Mayfly. Kayak fishing has become a huge part of my life. I love meeting people who are new to the sport. Taking the time to work with these individuals and give them tips and tricks to get started is something I enjoy very much. Kayak fishing has brought me and my family countless hours of enjoyment out on the water. The memories of these trips are something my children and I will hold in our hearts forever.

After developing a great relationship with my local retailer, I was invited to be their shop Ambassador which I still do present day. I run the retailer's social media marketing and help to maintain a strong foothold for Jackson in the Cincinnati Market.

Kayak Fishing is a major part of my life now. I absolutely love the brand that I represent and it is a huge honor to be apart of the team. 

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