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  • Name  Shane Groves


  • DOB July 19, 1982


  • Hometown: Fayetteville, WV


  • Height: 5' 10"


  • Weight: 175


  • Favorite River: Gauley or New along with all of their tributaries.  This includes everything from big waves to steep creeks.  


  • Favorite Kayak: The one that I am in on any given day.  Right now I m digging the Large Zen and awaiting a Carbon 2016 Rockstar


  • Why Shane Loves Kayaking: I started paddling on the class II-III section of the Top Gauley River beside my house when I was 13 and have spent the last 20 years paddling as much as I can.  From the moment I hopped in a boat on the Gauley, paddling swept me away into a world of opportunity, friendship, athleticism, self expression, challenge, and imagination beyond anything else I have ever found.  


  • Crazy Fact about Shane:  I am a High School math teacher in Fayetteville, WV.  After a hard day of teaching math to to my local community I am able to paddle everything from the Dries to Manns Creek.  It makes for a fulfilling lifestyle!



  • Instagram as @Shanegroves


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