Joe Pulliam

Name:  Joe Pulliam

· Height: 5'9"

·      Weight:   175

·      Hometown:   From Augusta, GA; live in Greenville, SC

·      Advocate for Which Kayak:   Zen 65

·      Why you are so excited about this kayak or what you love about it:  The Zen gives me the speed and zippy feeling from boats of yesteryear, but in a modern, comfortable package.  Unlike creek boats and other "river running" kayaks, the aggressive hull design of the Zen let's me also aggressively play all sorts of river features.  But most of all, I like the Zen because it encourages aggressive paddling....I'm a better paddler when in this boat.

·      How you got into kayaking:    I was fascinated by rivers as a teenagers and bought a canoe at 14.  Paddling to me has always been about the places it takes me.  Built my first kayak at 17, almost 40 years ago, and haven't looked back!

·      What rivers we can hope to meet you on:  I lost count of rivers paddled and countries paddled in years ago, consider myself pretty lucky.  But no doubt my home river is the Chattooga.

·      One place you hope to take your kayak at some point:  Never paddled in Africa, would love to go there.  But also have runs an hour away that I've yet to do!

·      Something Crazy About you: I don't know my middle name!