Daniel Hayes

Kayak Fishing all began for me in 2012 I grew up fishing from the shoreline or in a boat, I love being on the water. My first kayak was a pelican Castaway 11-6 and I loved it being able to get up into the marsh where in a boat or wading I just couldn’t quite make it to where Redfish were busting bait. I was instantly hooked, I then started fishing tournaments and meeting new anglers and loved the camaraderie in the kayak community I wanted to do what I could to help grow this community and industry in anyway I could. One way I found was by pushing different products I believed in and helping the manufacture grow by product testing and getting products into anglers hands. I eventually took over a tournament series called the Saltwater Survival Series.
I have been helping and running this series for 5 years. And enjoy trying to put on one of the best Kayak Tournaments on the Texas Gulf Coast. I have also been on the Fishing Tackle Unlimited’s Kayak Fishing Pro Staff for 3 years fishing out of the Jackson Coosa FD and that is where I fell in love with Jackson Kayak.