Zoltan Szabo

My name is Zoltán Szabó. Since I was 6 years old, I could sail any watercraft, except of a kayak. That was too difficult for me. I live 50 meters from the Danube bank, but when I wanted to go fishing, it needed one hours' work to get on the water. I have been searching for a better solution, when I met the Big Rig from Jackson Kayak and although I was afraid of kayaks, I fell in love with it within a couple of minutes. Since then I am actively using four different models, always the best for the actual situation. I am trying to show the anglers all the possibilities offered by kayaks, from the fast mountain rivers to the lakes, and I show them, that a Jackson Kayak is a perfect partner in this game!
Being the host of the single Angling Show in Central Europe, besides my fishing tackle, a Jackson Kayak is a constant player at Europe's largest artificial riverbank stage. I am hoping that this style of fishing will be soon such popular as boat fishing – and if it wouldn't, I won't be the one to blame for it!