John Ziecker

Buffalo NY (716) born and raised. My grandfather got me hooked when I was young. With Lake Erie and Lake Ontario being basically just a cast away, any chance he had we would be on the water fishing. I was taught young to always have fun fishing and always show others how fun fishing can be, just like when he brought me fishing and got me catching fish.

Over the years learning how peaceful being on the water is, and how exciting and fun fishing is, my thirst for adventure and new spots quickly got me into kayak fishing, making it easy to get to any spot and travel easier and worry about just me and any adventure I wanted to do. Now, with multiple kayaks and a love for every type of water; whether it be a lake, pond, river, or creek and the species each of those can hold; I often try to share every experience I can by fishing with others and offering them a kayak to join me. I am trying to grow to help spread all things fishing whether it be new spots, or catching a new species, or offering a kayak adventure, or just making it so anyone can find a way to start their journey or kayak story. So they hopefully can write about it and share the love of the sport.

With the Great Lakes and Finger Lakes all so close it allows me to pretty much kayak fish all season whether it be KBF and NYKBF events in the spring and summer, or Pike and Musky hunting in the fall, to Trout and Steelhead in the winter.  There’s always room for more to join on any of these adventures!