Kai Raebinger

I was born in 1978 in a small city in Northern Germany with lots of water surrounding it. My grandfather has been an angler too and I still remember that sunday mornings eels where happily looking at me out of his tub- they didn´t know any better I guess. As for most of us it all started of with fishing for ... fish. As to this day I can truly recall the magical moment of catching my first big bream on a bamboo-rod I got given by my granddad. That got me hooked! Growing up predator-fishing became more and more fascinating to me and so I regularly wandered around all lakes and rivers in my homestate Bremen. But many hotspots where out of reach and so I decided that I need to change something about it.
I already had paddled many many times during vacations and weekend-trips and luckily I found videos online showing how endless the possibilities are that a fishing kayak offers. Done deal- I ordered my first kayak from America and ever since then I can hardly think of anything else but kayak-fishing. My teammates as well as many of my friends and I are constantly going on trips and even my family (including my dog) is enjoying it like mad. A kayak is a pure fun-machine that I never ever wanna miss again! Many fish for all of ya and even more important- as much fun as possible!! Cause that´s what life is all about, right?
Tight lines