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I have been fishing crappie in the great state of Texas as long as I can remember. My grandfather taught me how to fish with jigs. He also taught me to love the water. We fished in belly boats when I was a kid. 

 I started Kayak fishing in early 2015, it quickly became an obsession I wanted to share witheveryone.  About a year later I started a Facebook group to find like minded people in my area to share tips, tricks and time on the water. I am now an active administrator on several Facebookgroups and enjoy seeing the industry and sport grow. 

 I have participated in several tournaments and have a couple wins under my belt, as well as a lake record on my home lake, Ray Robert's. 

If your ever in the North Texas area and want to feel the crappie thump feel free to reach out. Iam always looking to teach others and learn from them as well.

Recent Posts